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01 January 2037 @ 03:42 pm
Master List  
Fan Fiction


''Driving Privileges'' 
Characters: Rick Castle, Kate Becket, Kevin Ryan

Rating: U
Word count: 486
Summary: Castle wants to drive. Becket won’t let him. [From the prompt 'drive']
Read at: ff.net  AO3

Falling Skies

''Golden Diamonds" 

Characters: Karen Nadler/Hal Mason
Rating: PG
Word count: 1235
Summary:  Karen finds out about Hal's 'type'. [Set before the pilot. From the prompt 'body image issues.']
Read at: ff.net  AO3



Characters: Mark Bedford, Stan Weddeck
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 527
Summary: Mark Benford's future is catching up with him. [Companion to the opening scene of 1.11 From the prompt 'object'.]
Read at: ff.net  AO3


''Not a Date'' 

Characters: Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop
Rating: PG
Word count: 797
Summary:  Peter and Olivia go on their not!date, but Olivia is having a hard time dealing with her recent discovery. [From the prompt 'Save us all']
Read at: ff.net  AO3

''I Can Still Hear Her Burning'' 
Characters: Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop, Astrid Farnsworth, Olivia Dunham
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 1025
Summary: Someone left the bunsen burner on. [Set sometime before 1.12, from the prompt 'fire.']
Read at: ff.net AO3 

''Her Skin''

Characters: Olivia Dunham
Rating: PG
Word count: 426
Summary: Olivia Dunham doesn't wear dresses. [Set after 3.11 ]
Read at: ff.net  AO3

Harper's Island

''I'm obsessed By The Nightmare Of It All''
Characters: Abby Mills, Jimmy Mance
Rating: PG 13
Word count: 878
Summary: Survival isn't the end. [Set after the end of the series, from the prompt: Nightmares.]
Read at: ff.net AO3


'''Carpe Diem' Does Not Mean 'Fish of the Day''' 
Characters: Audrey Parker, Duke Croker.
Rating: PG
Word count: 971
Summary: Duke wished that he could say this was the first time he'd found a body floating in the waters surrounding the Cape Rouge. [Set within episode 1.01, from the prompt: Unconsciousness.]
Read at: ff.net  AO3

Characters: Audrey Parker/Nathan Wournos
Rating: PG
Word Count: 782
Summary: "Funny, that was how he always remembered her, his Dream Lady, standing in the distance, loose hair flying in chaotic elegance." Written for leoraine.
Read at: ff.net AO3

''Pain Makes It Real'' 
Characters: Michael/Nikita Meers
Rating: PG-17
Word Count: 867
Summary: Some pain you can take, some you choose not to. [Set during the pilot, from the prompt 'bullet wounds'.]
Read it at: ff.net AO3


Characters: Nikita, Michael, Ryan Fletcher
Rating: PG
Word count: 572
Summary:  It's Ryan she goes to. [Set at the tail end of 2.16]
Read at: ff.net  AO3


''Minutes to Midnight''

Characters: Bela Talbot, Crowley
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1329
Summary:  Bela gives the Colt to Crowley instead of Lilith. She has her reasons. [Prompted for the Women of SPN ficathon]
Read at: ff.net  AO3
''Drifter on a Dead End Road'' 
Characters: Bela Talbot, Victor Henriksen 
Rating: PG
Word count: 2762
Summary: Three years after Lucifer's release, Bela comes across a familiar face. [AU. Prompted by the Women of SPN ficathon.]
Read at: ff.net  AO3

Warehouse 13


Characters: Pete Latymer
Rating: PG
Word count: 350
 Summary: Pete Latymer, AA: The early years. [From the prompt 'Display']
Read at: ff.net  AO3
''Time of Dying'' 
Characters: Pete Latymer, Myka Bearing
Rating:  PG
Word count: 903
Summary: Pete reflects on his death. [Lost scene set at the end of 1.07].
Read at: ff.net  AO3

Fan Videos


Characters: Alice, Hatter.
Music: 'Bruised' by Jack's Mannequin
Summary: Alice finally makes it back home, but it seems her heart is a little... Bruised.


''Impressionist Flashes''
Characters: Various.
Music: 'The Hop' by Radio Citizen feat. Bajka.
Summary: Flashforward Randomness! And Joseph Fiennes hotness!!


''Use Somebody''
Characters: Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham.
Music: 'Use Somebody'' by Laura Jansen
Summary: Some people are kept apart by family feuds. For Peter and Olivia, it's parallel universes.

Harper's Island

''I Will Follow You into the Dark''
Characters: Cal, Chloe.
Music: 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark' by Death Cab for Cutie.
Summary: If there's a song that fits these two, it's this one! I absolutely adored Cal, (I think it was the accent.)  Their death was awesomest...

''Sick Cycle Carousel''
Music: 'Sick Cycle Carousel' by Lifehouse.
Summary: Cause I love these two, hehe. And the song... The song! Hmmm...Awesome. (And CJ Thomason is frickin' hot, baby.)  


Music: 'My Skin' by Natalie Merchant
Summary: Nathan can't feel anything. Someone should really fix that.

Characters: Nathan, Audrey
Music: 'Stolen' by Dashboard Confessional feat. Juli
Summary: A vidlet for Leoraine as part of her fandom_stocking. A random collection of my favorite ''Naudrey'' scenes, set to one of my favorite songs!

Kyle XY

''I Need You to Love Me''
Characters: Kyle Treager, Jessi Taylor.
Music: 'I Need You to Love Me' by Barlow Girl.
Summary: My second Kyle/Jessi vid, and ten times less painful to watch that the first...I really love this song, and I thought it sorta kinda fit.

Characters: Kyle Treager, Jessi Taylor.
Music: 'Everything' by Lifehouse.
Summary: It seemed like a good idea when I started it...The God damned song is just sooo long...I slightly dislike it now.
Lost Girl

Characters: Bo, Dyson
Music: 'Addicted' by Saving Abel
Summary: Bo, Dyson, sexy times.

"Sneak Peek and Promo"
Characters: Various
Music: Lost Girl Theme
Summary: Sneak peak and promo of SyFy's new supernatural dramedy, Lost Girl. The series follows the life of a succubus named Bo, as she learns to control her abilities, help those in need, and discovers the truth about her origins.

Prison Break

''Out of Control''
Gretchen Morgan.
Music: 'Out of Control' by Ultraviolet Sound.
Summary: I heard the song and just HAD to make this video. Bad girl Gretchen kicks ass! Surprisingly, It's my most popular vid so far...
Persons Unknown

 "Set the Fire to the Third Bar"
Characters: Joe, Janet.
Music: 'Set the Fire to the Third Bar' by Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright.
Summary: Even when they are together, something is always keeping Joe and Janet miles apart...


Characters: Sam, Dean and John Winchester.
Music: 'Hurt' by Christina Aguilera.
Summary: This was my second vid, ever! hehe. It's all about Papa Winchester's death... Cheery stuff.

''Tick, Tick, Tick...''
Characters: Bela, Dean
Music: 'I'm In Here' by Sia
Summary: Time is running out for Bela Talbot.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester
Music: 'Angels' by Within Temptation
Summary: FIRST VIDEO EVER, and although I'm not even going to rewatch it (too cringe worthy) I'm putting it back up, cause you should never forget your first time :) 


''The Girls...''
Multi fandom.
Music: 'She's So Lovely' by Scouting For Girls.
Summary: Multi fandom randomness, Featuring Oliva Dunham, Alice Hamilton, Myka Bearing, Abby Mills, Robin Sherbatsky, Kate Becket and Bela Talbot doing their best being funny, sexy, kick ass and all round lovely!

Original Fiction


Boston born barmaid Charlie Moore might not be an angel, but she hasn't committed any crimes worth noting either. Until the night she murders a U.S. Senator in cold blood. 

Thanks to the Sleeper Program, a secret weapons experiment that hacks into brains of innocent people creating sleeper spies and assassins, Charlie is in a whole new kind of trouble. Not only does she have a Senator's death on her hands, but she has also been classified as a Glitch-someone aware of her Sleeper persona-and marked for execution.

And that's when she meets fellow Glitch Nathan Hunter, who gives her a choice-stay and die or fight back, and maybe survive. Suddenly, she's caught up in a world of ruthless killers and crazy scientists, and whilst she may be skilled at breaking up bar fights, taking down a clandestine organization is a completely different matter.

Add to that a killer with a strange obsession with her, and surviving might not even be an option for Charlie... 

Sleeper is the first book in the Sleeper series.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

-Ten Scenes

001. Vanilla [A love scene.]
002. That's Just What You Do [A death scene.]

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